Priorities and key strategies

Our work is premised on the foundation that everyone deserves a dignified life, and that this is attainable. We thus dedicate resources and capabilities to protect, promote and actualize women’s and girls’ rights and freedoms as a basis of addressing prevailing systemic gendered inequalities, oppression, exploitation and discrimination.

Premised on our theory of change CREAW – together with its partners – will promote women’s and girls’ rights, freedoms and entitlements by addressing the intersecting structural barriers to women’s and girl’s well-being, rather than merely meeting their needs.

Appreciating the need for greater depth of focus, we will pay attention to four thematic areas that we not only have a track record in, but which we believe hold the potential to bring the greatest impact to the well-being of women and girls, granted the Kenyan operational context.

The four areas are:

Three overarching strategies will be explored across the four critical pathways of change. These will be:

  • Influencing institutional/regulatory frameworks and cultural norms,
  • Systems Strengthening and Capacity Development,
  • Solidarity/movement building.

We commit to the realization of this dream by contributing to:

  • Existence of gender responsive regulatory and institutional structures and the political will
    to fully implement these;
  • Ending gender discriminatory practices, harmful social norms and unequal access to decision-making power; and
  • Investing in empowering (capacity development of) women, girls and their organizations to (better) claim their rights and seize opportunities to create change.