Press Release: Civil Society Organisations recognized for their efforts in gender quality

June 15, 2022by CREAW

Date: June 15, 2022

Civil Society Organisations recognized for their efforts in gender quality

The Centre for Rights, Education and Awareness was on Tuesday, 14 June, recognized by the Gender Is My Agenda Campaign Network with the Civil Society Award at the State House. This award was a recognition for the work of civil society organisations towards gender equality and development. It was one of the awards complementing the Africa Gender Award 2022, that was presented to H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta on the same day. Also awarded was the Kenya Private Sector Alliance which received the Private Sector Award.

The award serves as a mechanism to monitor and reward an African Head of State or Government who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in promoting gender equality and development within the thematic areas of the African Union’s Solemn Declaration on Gender Equality. Kenya has achieved eleven out of twelve operative articles of the Solemn Declaration on Gender Equality in Africa. The award is based on three thematic indices namely HIV Index, Education Index and Gender Parity Index.

HE President Uhuru acknowledged that it took a multi sectoral collaboration with the civil societies and the private sector to achieve the gains that Kenya has had over the past one year.

“CREAW would not have been able to do our work were it not for the enabling environment created by Cabinet Secretary Prof Margaret Kobia which has opened doors for the civil society to work with the government,” Executive Director of CREAW Wangechi Wachira stated.

To advance gender equality and effectively influence policy change, CREAW continues to work collaboratively with both state and non-state actors. In working with the government , CREAW is a member of the National Advisory Committee on Generation Equality Forum to promote accountability to the bold commitments made. CREAW is also a member of the National Steering committee of Policare to ensure the actualization of the integrated response to Gender based violence (GBV). At the judiciary, CREAW is a member of the National Council on the Administration of Justice working committee set to review the Sexual Offences Act and other related GBV laws to enhance access to justice. Additionally, CREAW works collaboratively with Parliament through KEWOPA on legislative work. At the county level, CREAW is a member of various  Gender Sector Working Groups  and Court Users Committee in more than 10 counties.



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