From Vulnerability to Empowerment

July 9, 2023by CREAW

Mumina, a woman hailing from the Sokoni ward in Kilifi County, faced numerous challenges, particularly during her early years of marriage. Despite the difficulties, she took immense pride in raising her eight daughters.

Marriage at the tender age of 17 held the promise of a perfect life for Mumina, but reality shattered her dreams. As a young bride, she struggled to find her place as a housewife, enduring mistreatment and disrespect from her husband. Cultural norms dictated that she persevere through gender-based violence, leaving her feeling silenced and trapped. In her darkest moments, Mumina even contemplated ending her own life.

Realizing the severity of her situation, she acknowledged her need for help and support. Mumina sought support and empowerment outside her comfort zone by joining “Mama Mashinani”, a group of women offering valuable guidance and support. However, her journey was far from easy as she was faced with the frightening task of single-handedly providing for her children. She struggled to make ends meet and create a better life for her family.

“A ray of hope appeared in my challenging journey when I joined the Jasiri Fund program under CREAW” She narrated. The program provided her with essential trainings, particularly in financial literacy, learning how to effectively manage her finances, budget wisely, and make informed decisions. She took control of her financial situation and planned for her family’s future.

As Mumina progressed through the program, she not only acquired practical skills but also found vital psychosocial support. Interacting with women who had similar experiences, they formed a supportive community where they shared stories, provided encouragement, and uplifted one another. Through this network, Mumina found solace, understanding, and renewed strength to confront her struggles head-on.

In addition to financial literacy, Mumina secured her first loan of Ksh. 20,000 through Jasiri Fund which promoted her hotel business and later ventured into outside catering. Guided by the program, she created an online presence for her outside catering services, developed a marketing strategy and honed her communication skills while exploiting digital platforms to showcase her offerings. Her business began flourishing, earning her an average of Ksh. 20,000 per month during busy months and Ksh. 10,000 during slower ones.

As Mumina’s business thrived, she could now provide for her daughters with proper education, inspiring them to excel and break the cycle of limited opportunities.

“My journey became an inspiration not just within my community but to society at large,” Mumina admits.

Her transformation from vulnerability to empowerment showcased the transformative impact of organizations like CREAW and the Jasiri Fund. Her story demonstrated that, with the right support, women could overcome societal barriers and create a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Mumina now serves as a champion and a mentor, using her experiences and knowledge to uplift and empower other women. Momina’s story stands as a testament to the resilience and strength of women who refuse to be silenced, offering hope to those striving for a better tomorrow.