Empowering Communities: Chief Christine Malakwen’s Efforts in Protecting Youth and Ensuring Justice

October 8, 2023by CREAW

Christine Malakwen, the chief of Kiasagat location in Trans Nzoia County, has emerged as a beacon of hope for the youth in her community. Through her participation in the Imarisha Msichana training program, she has acquired invaluable skills in protecting and guiding her constituents, particularly in matters concerning sexual and reproductive health. Her dedicated efforts have resulted in a significant reduction in teen pregnancies and the increased reintegration of young mothers into educational institutions.

Chief Malakwen firmly believes in the importance of open and transparent discussions about sexual and reproductive health within families. She emphasizes that parents should not shy away from teaching their children, both boys and girls, about these critical topics. By breaking down the barriers of fear and secrecy, parents can equip their children with the necessary knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about their bodies and relationships. Chief Malakwen supports initiatives that promote parental involvement in sex education and highlights the significance of comprehensive education to prevent teenage pregnancies and safeguard the overall well-being of the youth.

The Imarisha Msichana training has been instrumental in Chief Malakwen’s efforts to combat teen pregnancies and empower young girls in her community. Through this program, various strategies have been implemented, including community barasas, one-on-one sessions with teenagers, and other engaging activities. By directly interacting with the youth, the chief and her team have effectively conveyed the importance of responsible sexual behavior, the risks of early pregnancies, and the potential consequences of engaging in unprotected sex. These efforts have contributed significantly to a notable decline in teen pregnancies and a renewed focus on education among young girls.

Chief Malakwen is acutely aware of the challenges faced by teenage mothers in her community. In her role as chief, she has redoubled her efforts to ensure that these young mothers receive the support they need to continue their education. She advocates for their reintegration into schools or, alternatively, their enrollment in vocational colleges, empowering them with skills that can lead to a brighter future.

The chief acknowledges the challenges that arise when dealing with cases of rape and defilement. She identifies lengthy and complex police processes, as well as the prevalence of kangaroo courts, as major obstacles to achieving justice for survivors. To address these concerns, she calls for comprehensive training programs for all stakeholders involved in the community response to GBV. By equipping individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge, the message of justice and support for survivors can be spread more effectively, creating a broader impact within the community. Furthermore, Chief Malakwen appeals to the government to streamline processes, particularly within the police department, to ensure that GBV cases are handled efficiently and comprehensively under one roof.

Chief Christine Malakwen’s dedication and unwavering commitment to her constituents have significantly improved the lives of young people in Kiasagat location. Through her participation in the Imarisha Msichana training, Chief Malakwen is effectively addressing the issue of teen pregnancies by promoting open dialogue, providing essential education, and offering support to teenage mothers. With continued support and collaboration, Chief Malakwen’s impactful work can serve as a model for communities across the country, empowering youth and protecting their rights to a healthy and prosperous future.