July 7, 2023by CREAW

Millicent Aluoch is a devoted mother of five children living in Mombasa County. Her marriage was tumultuous, with Millicent sometimes seeking refuge at her parents' house, trying to escape the violence and discord in her marriage. Yet, despite the hardships, she found herself going back to her husband, driven by her love for her children and the desire to keep the family together.


September 30, 2022by CREAW

FAWE Kenya, CREAW Kenya and KRCS (Kenya Red Cross Society) are seeking the services of a qualified consultant to carry out a baseline study seeking to generate credible data on the status and influence of COVID 19 on Teenage Pregnancy in Kenya with a special focus on the 20 select Counties listed to guide the structuring of sustainable and impactful interventions.

The purpose of the baseline study is primarily to gain an understanding of the status of teenage pregnancy and Child Marriage in the Country with a special focus on target countries ahead of programme implementation. 

The proposals must be submitted no later than 5th October 2022, to FAWE Kenya via Technical and Financial proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis and will be reviewed as soon as they are received, as such early submissions are encouraged. FAWE Kenya reserves the right to select a consultant before the fall of the timeline noted above. Interest of all applicants is highly appreciated however, only those selected for interviews will be contacted. For any queries, reach out to Joan Ireri via with Naomi Kamitha via

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September 20, 2022by CREAW

On 17th May 2022, Hon. Justice Odunga of the Machakos High Court ruled that the mandatory minimum sentences provided by the Sexual Offences Act for sexual offences are unconstitutional and that they limit the discretion of the court to determine the appropriate sentence to impose. Consequently, various courts across Kenya are now faced with an overwhelming number of applications for resentencing by prisoners previously convicted of sexual offences. This precedent claws back on the gains made by women rights movements over the years to ensure that gender-based violence is treated with the urgency and weight it deserves.


August 8, 2022by CREAW

Women’s economic rights and opportunities in Bomet as it is in many other counties is undermined by many factors. Social & economic barriers, including retrogressive social and cultural norms, lack of access to capital & credit facilities, and limited economic empowerment programs for women, are some of the vices that discourage women from practicing key entrepreneurial behaviors like competitiveness.