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CREAW is proud of various notable achievements among them the following:
Leadership and Management Award
CREAW had been the best to put in place a good succession plan, proper leadership processes, from the Board, trustees, Executive, Secretariat , Management team and any other functional process, within our organogram, that demonstrated proper leadership and trust, on 14th December 2011.
Overall Financial Management Award
Where it reflected on better systems and processes, put in place within the organization, for governing and regulating financial transactions, transparency and proper accountability mechanisms, on 14th December 2011.

Jury Award

Awarded following the adoption of lessons learnt in the previous award ceremony, and improving our status to a better level, with several accomplishments, on 14th December 2011.
2nd Runners up, in performance
CREAW was handed this award for recognition of the excellent work it has been doing, on 14th December 2011.
Monitoring, Evaluation and Review
CREAW has received the Civil Society of the Year Award (CSOYA) for its Outstanding Monitoring, Evaluation and Review Practices, on 8th August 2008.

Access to Justice Programme

Since inception, CREAW has handled over 16,000 cases for and on behalf of the poor and marginalised women of Kenya in pursuit of legal justice. The said cases entail numerous actions emanating from various violations of women’s human rights including sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) including defilements, women’s property rights, probate and administration (succession and inheritance), matrimonial (custody, maintenance, division of property, separation and divorce), early marriages and female genital mutilation.
CREAW also undertakes strategic impact litigation and at the moment has several cases pending in court among them, sexual harassment in the work place; citizenship rights; property rights among others.
CREAW also offers support services to survivors of SGBV including individual and group therapy support.
Advocacy for Legal and Policy Reform
CREAW, as a member of the Juvenile Justice Network, was amongst organisations that drafted the original Sexual Offences Bill that was presented to the Attorney General, Hon. Amos Wako. Upon the bill being taken over by the Nominated Member of Parliament, Hon. Njoki Ndung’u, as a private members bill, CREAW served as member of the Technical Task Force that completed the final bill that was tabled in Parliament for debate. Thereafter, CREAW hosted the Civil Society Task Force that lobbied and advocated for the bill to be passed into law. Under the said task force, the civil society was able to meet various stakeholders, among them political parties, party leaders, KEWOPA, parliamentary sub-committees. After the bill was passed as an Act of Parliament, CREAW and partners simplified the Act, translated it into Kiswahili and produced 10,000 copies for dissemination. CREAW hopes to equip each pupil (primary and secondary) with a copy of the simplified version.
CREAW has also drafted an Affirmative Action Bill that seeks to entrench the principle of Affirmative Action into our current constitution. If passed into Law, the same would be a strategic intervention on the structural and legal barriers and thus enable women and other marginalised groups access their rights to effective and meaningful participation in decision making positions in the country.
In the run for 2007 general elections, CREAW worked with 25 women candidates for civic positions, out of which five were elected and twonominated. We also worked with eight women parlianmentary aspirants and one woman presidential candidate.
CREAW with other partners also engendered the Political Parties Bill that was subsequently passed into an Act of Parliament and which became operational in July 2008.
CREAW is currently working on several policy and legislative reforms including the New Constitution,and the Great Lakes PACT and Protocols on Peace, Stability and Development especially with regard to the protocol on the Prevention and Suppression of Sexual Violence Against Women and Children.
Research and Publications
Running for Political Office– (In collaboration with AMWIK) – An Absolute Must Read for anybody especially women seeking Public office;
Sexuality: Bold, informative and confronting questions that hitherto remain unanswered on our sexuality.
Bride Price or modern day slavery? Is the purported purchase of one human being by another under the guise of bride price a violation of human rights?
Sexual Offences Bill-2006– Simplified versions in English and Kiswahili!
Adolescents : ( In collaboration with GTZ) – All the frequently asked questions on Adolescent Reproductive Health answered in simple informative and down-to-earth language.
Status of Women: Facts and figures on the status of women in Kenya!
Community Awareness and Education
· In 2001, CREAW received an International Award for Community Awareness and in 2004 received the Mayor’s Achievers Award for its Campaign against rape.
· CREAW continues its empowerment and community awareness programs at various levels of community with women, men and the youth in general through community mobilization, debates and Forums
· On 25th May 2007, CREAW mobilised and brought together over twelve thousand ( 12,000) womenfrom all over the country to mark the African Women’s Day but more importantly to launch the One Million Signature Campaign for Affirmative Action. This was preceded by Provincial Forumsthat brought together thousands of women clamouring for the same said Affirmative action thus declaring year 2007 the year for Affirmative Action.
· Reclaiming the vulnerable Rape Red Spots by identifying the notorious Red Spots and thereafter mobilizing various stakeholders to reclaim the same for the women and rest of society. This program saw numerous spots reclaimed by reigning in the Duty bearers (police), private sector and City Council to provide security, lighting and strategic interventions respectively, thereby reclaiming these spots for the benefit of the users.
· CREAW successfully implemented the National Civic Education Program and Gender and Governance programs in four out of the seven Provinces in Kenya.
Youth Mentorship and School Outreach

Under a partnership with the Nairobi University Law Faculty, CREAW initiated its Youth and schools outreach programs that have seen extremely powerful debates and conversations on sensitive human rights programs and interventions. This has further led to a Youth mentorship program and out reach in schools with our University students as role models as well as educators on selected topics.
CREAW’s internship program has continued to offer Law students as well as other young people the opportunity to develop and test their theoretical skills in programmatic work especially in the criminal justice system. Every three months and in collaboration with the University of Nairobi Law Faculty, CREAW hosts six interns who not only get vast exposure and experience in programs, but also challenge some of their theoretical skills thus getting better insights understanding, lessons and learning’s.
Networking and Collaboration
CREAW continues to network with progressive and dynamic networks and organisations that have a shared vision. In this regard, CREAW belongs to several National and Regional Networks thus creating synergy and facilitating information exchange, joint programs of Action on women human rights, as well as joint advocacy programs to push agenda. Some of these Networks include the National Civil Society Congress, The GBV Prevention Network; Mifumi Bride-Price Network; Women Direct; Fathers and Sons against Gender Based Violence among others.
CREAW now has built strong and dependable partnerships with various development partners that has seen the organisation strengthen its programs and out reach for the benefit of its constituents. These include amongst others, the joint funders of the Gender and Governance (GGP) and the National Civic Education Program (NCEP) basket funds; Canadian International Development Aid – Gender Equity Support Project (CIDA- GESP), Royal Netherlands Embassy, the Ford Foundation, Spanish Embassy, UNIFEM, Sigrid Rausing Trust, Christian Aid, and German Technical Cooperation(GTZ).