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September 29, 2021by CREAWKENYA

When *Santa (Not her Real Name) got her baby 6 months ago, she was excited for being a mother for the third time. The little bundle of joy was a product of love between her and her lover. However, after the arrival of the baby, their relationship suddenly died. Her partner went silent on her, forcing her to solely care for their baby’s expenses.

“The burden was too much for since I had to cater for the basic needs of my other children. Having lost my Salon job at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we could barely feed ” Confirms *Santa

She opted to share her plight with her cousin, who in return directed her to the Suluhisho Center in Kibera, where CREAW Kenya offices are situated. Her cousin got to hear about CREAW’s services from a community radio station in Kibera.

Through the service of a legal officer, *Santa was able to write her statement and was in return given a demand letter to take to her partner for mediation.

“The man agreed to come for mediation at our office. He committed to supporting the child with Ksh 3000 worth of shopping and when the child reaches the school going age, he would cater for education expenses” Adds George Nyakundi.

The mediation brought together the two parents to share responsibilities to meet the child’s support. *Santa was tasked with ensuring her child’s shelter and clothing needs.

 “Thanks to the legal support, my children and I can live less worried. At least I got a hand in supporting their basic needs. I am grateful for the support I got at CREAW”  States *Santa with a smile on her face.

With support from UNDP Kenya and Amkeni Wakenya, CREAW has intensified it’s legal aid for women and girls in the informal settlements of Nairobi. The women are victims of circumstances, who are left with the burden of finding justice and sometimes give up midway due to hefty legal fees which they cannot afford.

With the shrinking resources for supporting free legal aid and representation CREAW is supporting implementation of the National Legal Aid Act which provides for systems and structures to provide free legal aid and representation Country wide.