April 25, 2020by CREAW

his appeal raises novel questions of law on whether vicarious liability can be attributed to the appellant, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) who at the material time had employed Astorikoh Henry Amkoah, (3rd respondent hereinafter referred to as “teacher”) for alleged acts of sexual abuse against the students hereinafter referred to as “WJ” and “LN”).

July 3, 2015by CREAW0

In the year 2010 CREAW was implementing a project under support from Ford Foundation which focused on among other things addressing teachers student sexual violence in Kenya. The project also aimed to carry out a study to identify the structural ,policy and systemic gaps the `TSC faced in dealing with teacher student sexual violence and jointly develop measures to track the prevalence and strengthen policy and practical responses by the TSC and other state and non state actors.