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December 20, 2013by CREAW0

Overall Objective: To educate the public and create sensitivity to women’s rights

The Public Awareness Programme is comprised of three initiatives:
1. Community Awareness. We work to transform the Kenyan society into a community of people who respect, defend and actualize women’s rights. Focusing on women’s rights at the community level, CREAW is engaged on issues such as the Truth Justice and REconciliation process, land reforms, sexual and gender-based violence, use of the Community Development Fund and others. We’re helping communities develop capacities to analyse their socio-political situations and respond to them from a human rights platform.
2. Media Engagement. We use various forms of media to create awareness of women’s rights among individuals and communities.
3. Civic Education. At a national level, we aim to change people’s attitudes, values, perspectives and understanding of democratic governance and encourage informed participation.
The projects under public awareness include:
Special Election Initiative 
This is a one year project implemented in Meru, Nakuru,Kisii , Nyeri and Nairobi Counties for and mainly seeks to strategically position women to seek accountability in the fulfillment of national commitments to gender equality as enshrined in the Constitution. The Rationale for implementing in these above areas stems from the legacy of patriarchy that has continuously limited or altogether stifled women’s participation in political processes and ascension into representative spaces
CREAW’s approach to this project is to  amplify women’s voices and strengthen their effective participation in decision making processes .CREAW intends to contribute to the women’s rights movement by adding new voices to democratic processes that will position women in spaces they have not traditionally been a part of . CREAW will employ a multi pronged strategy that  includes skills building for women political leaders from the 5 counties to enable them understand the dynamics and opportunities in the Constitution, devolved system of government, build their capacity to identify human rights concerns of community members and enable them to articulate communities concerns in decision making spaces in  the community. This will inevitably claim a space for women in the 2012 elections and ultimately translate to their meaningful political participation that will see more women elevated to elective positions.
CREAW shall work with the women political leaders to identify through a baseline the special interests of women, men and youth groups and thereafter craft clear specific messages to resonate with interests of these groups. This could result in design of communication messages touching on social, economic, and health-related work and would mean raising awareness of how citizen needs and initiatives may be addressed and enhanced by gaining access to County government resources.
Promoting women human rights and paving the way for women’s participation in 2012 general elections
This is a three years project with thematic focus on mitigation of sexual violence and increasing political participation for women in 2012 general elections. The project aims to: mitigate sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) in Kibera, Nairobi, by strengthening support systems and services delivery  and increasing women political participation at the local and national level, in order to include socio economic and political agendas of women in decision-making arenas
Leadership and Opportunities for Women
The programme is targets women in a range of decision-making structures including governance structures at local and national levels as well councils, peace and security committees and community development committees which make decisions about local level development or about issues to raise with governance structures.  The programme will enable the women in these bodies to access training, mentoring, information and support to assume leadership positions and to effectively contribute to policy and practice which eliminate poverty.  The programme will enhance their role in ensuring the rights and needs of female constituents are addressed and push institutions to be more accountable. In order to make sure the voices of these constituents are heard, the programme will work with female constituents in a number of target communities in each country, to facilitate their access to the women leaders and communicate their priorities to them.  The programme will raise awareness on the role and achievements of women leaders through working closely with the media in each country and lobby and campaign for increased representation of women at all levels of decision making structures.

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