April 12, 2019by CREAW0

In light of Ivy Wangechi’s murder and in solidarity with all the victims of femicide in Kenya, we wish to state the following;
Our condolences go out to the families, friends and all those who knew Ivy Wangechi. Her killing comes at a time when Kenya is grappling with high prevalence of cases of femicide perpetrated by men; such must never be tolerated in the society. The Bill of Rights protects human life and no reason whatsoever justifies the wanton killings targeting women witnessed across counties.
The normalization of violence by Kenyans on social media and other public spaces is a dehumanization of the victims and is insensitive to their legacy and the trauma of those affected; family, friends and by extension, the women of Kenya. Further, it creates a culture of victim shaming and blaming which permits violence to thrive. Love is not equal to death (#Love≠Death). This has to come to an end.
Femicides, should not be normalized, there has to be deliberate action by all Kenyans to end violence against women. We call on the President of Kenya to declare femicide and other forms of Gender Based Violence a national disaster and commit to addressing it. We also call upon the Director of Criminal Investigations to speed up investigations in all ongoing femicides cases and bring perpetrators to book.

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