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August 31, 2016by CREAW0

Gender equality is not only fundamental right but it is increasingly becoming aware that alienation of any particular gender suppresses about half of the global population and isolates them from participating in, and benefiting from development. Gender equality has therefore been realized to be a necessary precursor towards sustainable development.


June 30, 2016by CREAW0

As Kenya works toward the promise of gender equality embodied in the constitution. It is our hope that enough women will be elected without having to create additional positions.
Centre for Rights Education and Awareness (CREAW) is working towards this by training women on leadership and strategic campaign planning in different counties.
Wajibu Wetu Programme under the Women Leadership and Governance supported by Forum Syd Kenya

June 27, 2016by CREAW0

Training by Centre for Rights Education and Awareness (CREAW) supported by Forum Syd Kenya in actualizing the 2/3 gender principle, the best solution is to have more women seek to be elected and therefore increase the chances of having more women in influential positions. For this to happen women have to be facilitated with knowledge skills and where possible resources to run strong campaigns.